Welcome to a unique view of life

Have you ever looked down at the skyline from 185 meters in the air?

Have you ever drunk or eaten art?

Welcome to the NFT Skybar! This is where a lively metropolis full of a new digital creative meet and people feel at home in both the old and new digital worlds.


Add colour to the golden hour.


Whether you want to enjoy the afternoon sun or celebrate the sunset – the 360-degree panoramic view on the roof terrace on the 47th floor shows Frankfurt’s skyline from its best side. Every color outside changes with every moment inside. Life shines here!


Creativity in every sip.


Can you put a straw in a work of art? Can an old classic become a fresh drink? Does a mixologist think digitally? After we have answered these questions with a yes, we turn to our new drinks: modern art in the glass, fresh, cheeky and unique.


Enter the next level of hospitality.

First we satisfy your visual hunger, then your real one: Our restaurant welcomes you with cool cyber glamor and immerses you in light and colour. Now the exciting atmosphere becomes relaxed enjoyment.

Where taste meets art.

Digital is global. And that’s why our kitchen is as cosmopolitan, as it is creative, and as diverse as the digital world. We combine unusual ideas and international ingredients to present unique works of art – in a gallery of taste.

Meet the man

NFTs for sale – drop date 28th November


BANKSY’S RAT DISCOVERS THE METAVERSE After 15 years trapped in a wall in Utah, Banksy’s rat has discovered a space-time hole that leads him to...
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Frankfurt Fizz

FRANKFURT FIZZ Everybody travels to Frankfurt tonight. The place in the metaverse where experiences are unleashed, emotions escape from their cage and the senses are...
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Whisky Sour

THE SHINING OF A DREAM IN THE METAVERSE Jack sat at the empty metaverse bar and ordered a Whisky Sour from Lloyd, his virtual bartender....
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Martini Spargel

BIRTH OF VENUS ON THE METAVERSE On a bed of asparagus, a cocktail glass appears, and from it, a Venus is born. split in two:...
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German Mule

GERMAN MULE TAKIN’ THE WAVE The German mule, on her surfboard, sails the seas of imagination. A metaverse whose limits are the circular edges of...
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Tea Time Mona Lisa

DIVING INTO THE DEPTHS OF ICED TEA After hundreds of years, the Mona Lisa has escaped from her two-dimensional prison and plunged into the metaverse,...
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Say Hello To The Queen

ROCK WITH THE QUEEN The queen of hearts illuminates every corner of the metaverse singing to the rhythm of rock. She doesn‘t want to rule...
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Old Cuban

BETTER TO DRINK STANDING THAT TO DRINK ON YOUR KNEES In the old Cuba of the metaverse we have built a large figure of Che...
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Limoncello Spritz

A LIMONCELLO BATH IN THE DARK In some corner of the metaverse, a silhouette moves throughthe lemon tides as a fi sh moves through theuniverse:...
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Glassy Bloody Mary 

METAVERSE TOMATO SOUP Andy puts on his virtual reality goggles transforming into anavatar half submerged in a lake of Campbell‘s tomato soup.
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NFT Skybar gallery

our exclusive NFT cocktail collection is launching on Monday, 28.11.22 at 8am! 💫⁠

#nftskybar #nftdrop

Everything in the NFT Skybar is unique like a work of art.⁠
Stay tuned for our NFT Drop on November 28th, 8am, with 30 unique NFTs designed by @david_zuker_art . ⁠

#nftskybar #nftdrop

welcome to the metartverse of nhow Frankfurt, a diverse, colourful, original and genuine virtual space. ⁠

NFT DROP: 28 November 2022⁠, 8am

#nftskybar #nftdrop

💥 NFT Drop - 28 November 2022 💥

buy one of the 30 NFTs inspired by cocktails and enjoy premium perks, including VIP queue jump for you and a plus one at the NFT SKYBAR. Plus, bring your chosen NFT cocktail to life and enjoy your first cocktail for free! 🍸

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