NFT can be understood as a non-fungible digital certificate that guarantees the ownership of a digital item. Thanks to NFTs it’s now possible to own the original artworks from digital artists. NFT SKYBAR takes this to the next level by offering its guests not only ownership of unique digital art from David Zuker but also combining it with exclusive real-life experiences.

In the past, people mainly invested in stocks – today the whole thing looks much more colourful. Today, old cars, old whisky, old masters and young NFTs serve as investments and speculative objects. NFT – these are non-fungible, one-off digital works of art. More creative, individual, cheekier, braver. And therefore perfect for the NFT Skybar and its guests.


Welcome to the metartverse of nhow Frankfurt, a diverse, colourful, original and genuine virtual space. The artist David Zucker has created a collection of artworks inspired by the signature cocktails of the NFT SKYBAR.

Our first collection of cocktail inspired NFTs has sold out. Congratulations to our VIPs who purchased one of the 30 NFTs! If you missed out this time, then watch this space as we come up with new ideas for the next collection. Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with the next launch @nft.skybar

NFTs for sale – drop date 28th November

Banksy: Gin, Maple Syrup, Sherry

BANKSY’S RAT DISCOVERS THE METAVERSE After 15 years trapped in a wall in Utah, Banksy’s rat has discovered a space-time hole that leads him to...

Frankfurt Fizz: Amaretto, Lemon Juice, Eggwhite, Cider

FRANKFURT FIZZ Everybody travels to Frankfurt tonight. The place in the metaverse where experiences are unleashed, emotions escape from their cage and the senses are...

Whisky Sour: Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Agave, Rosemary

THE SHINING OF A DREAM IN THE METAVERSE Jack sat at the empty metaverse bar and ordered a Whisky Sour from Lloyd, his virtual bartender....

Martini Spargel: Gin, Vermouth, Olive, Asparagus

BIRTH OF VENUS ON THE METAVERSE On a bed of asparagus, a cocktail glass appears, and from it, a Venus is born. split in two:...

German Mule: Jägermeister, Lime Juice, Ginger Beer

GERMAN MULE TAKIN’ THE WAVE The German mule, on her surfboard, sails the seas of imagination. A metaverse whose limits are the circular edges of...

Tea Time Mona Lisa: Lemon Grass, Ginger, Green Cardamom

DIVING INTO THE DEPTHS OF ICED TEA After hundreds of years, the Mona Lisa has escaped from her two-dimensional prison and plunged into the metaverse,...

Say Hello To The Queen: Dry Vermouth, Sherry, Maraschino

ROCK WITH THE QUEEN The queen of hearts illuminates every corner of the metaverse singing to the rhythm of rock. She doesn‘t want to rule...

Old Cuban: Rum, Vermouth, Sparkling Wine

BETTER TO DRINK STANDING THAT TO DRINK ON YOUR KNEES In the old Cuba of the metaverse we have built a large figure of Che...

Limoncello Spritz: Limoncello, Tonic, Sparkling Wine

A LIMONCELLO BATH IN THE DARK In some corner of the metaverse, a silhouette moves throughthe lemon tides as a fi sh moves through theuniverse:...

Glassy Bloody Mary: Tomato Water, Serrano Peppers, Citrus Vodka

METAVERSE TOMATO SOUP Andy puts on his virtual reality goggles transforming into anavatar half submerged in a lake of Campbell‘s tomato soup.